What’s New?

I will be introducing new books, ideas, webinars and more future events here.

  •   “Living Successfully Within One’s Means” is intended to help anyone who is suffering financially and with debt become empowered to change the structure of their life moving forward with new vigor the very same way I did after being defeated not once but three times by the debt monster.  One little conversation changed my life forever, and I am working hard everyday to never go down that path again.

PRE-LAUNCH SPECIAL!! Order your copy of, “Living Successfully Within One’s Means” NOW!!

I will personally autograph every copy in prelaunch and you are welcome to join a live, interactive coaching program - details later. I cannot guarantee you will see results, as it all depends on YOU and your willingness to work hard and stay focused.


Yes, I am moving forward preparing the foundation by developing the outline and moving into each chapter along the way.   With a December 31st deadline for publication quickly moving in, you can pre-order a copy for only $24.95 NOW!  Just click the button above – and thank you in advance, I know this book will change millions of lives for the better.  Hoping your life is one of them!!!

Yes, still working on this book!  But life can sometimes get in the middle of our plans – consequently, it got in the way of this book’s plans and now I am forging ahead to complete it by this coming December 31, 2019.  Bear with me – it will be amazing!