Finding Financial Freedom and Weight Loss Too! WOW!

Like so many, I saw my weight going up and up, but could not seem to find a way to bring it down. Belly fat at the waistline made clothes fit tight and unsightly. I settled in to believe what I had always heard, it is hard to lose weight (much less, find financial freedom) the older we get.

As I stood on the scale two weeks ago, I was looking at close to 180 pounds. This was the highest I have ever been to. Actually, I was only 176, but near enough to that figure. I have been the gym route and even tried to stay on diets, but always get off track and those things tend to eat into my budget.

As I was browsing my phone and chatting on Messenger with a friend an advertisement flashed on my phone for a new App. Without saying a word to anyone, I decided to give it a try and got fourteen days FREE to sign on. “What the heck?” I thought and proceeded to sign on back on June 1.

Weigh in EVERYDAY!

Contrary to what we are told when thinking about dieting about not weighing in every day, this App now has me weigh in every morning and log my weight. My new morning routine is get up, shower, wrap a towel around me and step on the scale. A few days into the program I was down to 171, but then shot back up to 175, then leveled off a few days, and the beginning of the second week I hit 165. I did a double take, stood back on, and smiled. WOW!

The next week it fluctuated from 165, up to 171 again, and down to 160. Then yesterday I stepped on the scale, back down to 160 and today, I hit 155. I did have a few days the scale did not move, but I persevered. As I was making my coffee this morning I looked down at my body and noticed, the belly fat is melting off slowly.

Well Laid Out Program in an App...

I sat down to log in my breakfast and was looking at the App closer, I realized it is similar to how I making strides in my financial picture to self-improvement. If I knew what I know now when I was younger, maybe I would be a lot more well to do – but, then again money isn’t everything – REALLY! Life is about self-control and psychology as well as patience and perseverance. Above all, it takes faith in oneself and trust in God to help us move forward through many temptations that will be put in our way.

This App is doing it for me, and I have a real accountability coach on Noom who is there for me to share my progress and goals with, along with recipes for better health and nutrition, strategies and a walking program to build my steps.

Helping Me in Building a Better Regiment

Today I am smiling seeing 155 on the scale, have 20 pounds to go and then have to maintain. I feel I have found a program finally that will help me do just that – cheaper than going to the gym, and it allows me to still enjoy going out to eat by training me to watch what I eat and stay within my calorie limit with good foods. Though I am on a budget for my finances, I feel $14,95 a month is going to be well spent to stay on a new budget for my health and well being. Oh, and yes it has also helped me better control my grocery and dining out expenses without compromising what I love to do – go out to eat with friends, or myself.

So, You Must be Asking – What’s her new App?

This new app I downloaded to try-out back on June 1 to my phone is called “Noom”. I realize it may not work for everyone, but just following the plan I know it will work for me and have decided to make it my new norm. Ditch your current diets and give it a try. For even more accountability, leave a message or two here on your progress.

Here it is! It is the NOOM App…

If you know me, then you know I do not believe in sharing anything unless I have personally tried it and it works for me. Noom is helping me get healthier, I think it could help you too! Use my special link for 20% off when you sign up here (and then share your opinion here too):

Stay Tuned!

Tomorrow – I will be sharing one of my favorite breakfasts on my new plan when not eating out.

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