What Does “Having” by Debt Really Prove?

I ask you now something that came to my mind this morning as I was having my morning coffee, “Why do people now days prefer new, unblemished things in their life over aged tried and proven and more importantly PAID FOR?” Silly question huh?

Well, let’s take a look at our parents and the generations before they don’t that prove experienced and more seasoned things are better in the long run? It makes them more distinguished and special, more importantly, ones we can look up to and follow by example.

You see, today’s society has it too easy now as all we have to do it whip out a credit card and suddenly that fancy top of the line cell phone that just came out is OURS! Or so we want to believe – actually, it is NOT YOURS yet, it belongs to your credit card company until you have paid them for the right to fully take ownership. You may be in the middle of paying off that purchase when suddenly you notice all your friends have the next better version – they upgraded, you feel you must as well to fit in or you will always be an outcast. Now you are finishing up paying on that old phone you traded in and starting to pay for your new phone. It is an endless vicious cycle of nonsense.

Credit cards are just a fancy and elusive tool similar to the snake in the Garden of Eden to lead us astray. They tempt us into the thought process of “why wait, you can have it NOW!” This NOW carries a big price our not only our own lives but that of those we love and care for as well as our own happiness and health as we get older. We pay the price through stress, depression, hopelessness, loss, even homelessness all because we were tempted by GREED.

The good news is we can turn that all around and get back on the right road of life, but we must realize it will take time and there will be setbacks. We must recognize when the old snake appears and calmly affirm him that we are choosing the road less traveled by no matter how glamorous he seems to make the other. For the other road only leads us by temptation and lies, and we need to choose compassionate love and understanding.

So, what does having anything by debt really prove – well, just one thing to me. Credit cards are the tool of the evil one tempting us to follow; while looking at my ancestors before these tools had their being, they chose the best tool of all – budgeting for their success so their children could carry-on their hopes and dreams for a better life than they had. When we balance what we actually have with what we really NEED in life, rather than wish or want, we are helping to achieve their dreams.

If you would like my FREE tool – My Budget Worksheet – I invite you to leave a comment and subscribe to my blog here. In exchange, I will send it out to your with my personal thank you! This worksheet has helped me move toward the success only a budget can provide and away from those deadly credit cards, I hope you will like and share this with all your friends and family.

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