The Formula for Financial Freedom: Your Budget

Financial freedom takes real work. It is not about keeping up with your neighbors and friends to be like them. You dont need what they have to be cool and in the in-crowd of the time. You need to just look at your own life and set goals that are measurable and attainable.

Just remember one the old adage – “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” People who look rich and well-to-do seem like they have found success. When you really look inside, they are just like you and me inside – struggling to make ends meet and living on the edge paycheck-to-paycheck. However, they are surrounded by debt and credit cards as they needed that new car or something else they feel to keep up with the standards of their community.

Fact is YOU are not them! If anyone cannot accept you for what they see on the outside cover of your life – smaller home, perhaps second hand car (but at least its paid for) and staying home to dine – it is their problem, not yours. Let them think, if they choose, “oh poor thing, she can’t afford a nice car or dinner out everynight of the week at that fancy restaurant.” Just remember, those nice things they do or have are probably obtained on credit and most likely they don’t even own them yet as they are still making payments on their credit cards.

My grandparents never possessed a credit card. They saved up their pennies until they had enough to purchase their first television set – but when they did they knew the real feeling in the saying, ‘pride of ownership’. They seemed to know and understand the real formula for financial freedom by heart. Today many, including myself, have learned that one can have instant gratification by securing a credit card or more. However, they cannot recognize the huge price that looms over their heads.

Yes, I wish I knew in my younger years what I know now from the experience of that time the waywardness that kept me living paycheck-to-paycheck. Many of my co-workers would declare they cannot retire until they are ninety. Well, that is simply a pile of bullcrap! You just need to live differently. You need the power of a formula to break your paycheck-to-paycheck habits and start living within and under your income. It all starts and continues the rest of your life with one primary tool – YOUR BUDGET!

This is precisely what my book in progress, “Living Successfully within Your Means” is all about. I will be capturing and sharing the essence of the book in a series of posts and video clips to get you moving. Please share your comments and thoughts on each of these blog posts and what you hope to get out of this series as we discover the formula for financial freedom together.

Next in this series: Step 1 – Finding Where You Are

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