Facing Debt: Do You Know Where You REALLY Are?

In our last post you saw the truth about Debt is simply the Devil working on the weaker side of your inner strength. The side that says “Ok, do you take cards?” The store clerk says to you, “Sure do!”  You hand your card over or swipe it yourself, and she bags up whatever it is that caught your eye.  So easy in this modern day to have what you want, when you want it!  But that ease comes with a cost, and that is a BIG one.

Now suppose that store clerk said, “No, Sorry!”  You most likely would accept it, and move on not thinking twice about that item you thought you wanted so badly.  This leads me to ask you another question now, “Do you know where you REALLY are financially at this time?  This is the first question we must address to take back control of our money and it all starts with making a list of EVERYONE you currently owe money too!

When you actually see that bottom number, and then look around your home and see the things on that list and realize you have never owned them, you have only been leasing them – and occasionally, paying a few off – the result will be overwhelming and depressing.

Now grab a sheet of paper or notepad and write down everyone, credit cards or friend or relative, that you owe money.  I mean EVERYONE!   Include all the details of this outstanding amount, and be sure to note whether you are current or delinguent, then you will write your monthly minimum expected pay,  and the amount next to that to get your current.

After you have the list complete, of course you may think of others down the road, be sure to add them as well, tally up the total actual debt line and focus on it.  How did you get yourself in such a state? Feel that number and be sure to have a dollar sign ($) preceding it.  Once you have done this, leave a short comment on how this number makes you feel in the comments below, I am sure you will see your not alone.

Now take another sheet or page and re-write the list from smallest to largest amount owed.  Starting a notebook is a great way to help you can see and feel your progress as you slowly eliminate debt and start building wealth.   Realize it takes time, and you are in control as we proceed in this process

The Next step will be – Identifying What You DO Have..

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