Make Your 2019 Resolution: Budgeting is POWER!

Christmas now behind us again, we are headed for another new year. What will it bring? Let’s make this the year to make managing our money an even stronger principle in our lives. Ever notice how money likes to do its own thing if not controlled?

Well, you need to begin now with a plan for the new year that will be easy to manage and provides a better control for your money. This plan is simply – a new budget. Time to wrap up the old as we plan to file our taxes; and begin fresh with a new budget in front of us.

I tweaked my budget even more last year down to a 1-1 1/2′ BINDER with monthly inserts, note pages and any unpaid bills as they come in for the upcoming month and the current month as their temporary home. As I pay a bill, I move it into a 9×12 manilla folder with the current month labelled on top. Then Add each paid bill to the front with the balance, amount and date paid and new balance.- now I can look at the front of the envelope to know what is paid, and know the paid invoice is inside.

The monthly envelopes are stored in a cube file by month (Jan-Dec) starting with last years taxes filed in front. I hope you will join me on my budgeting journey this year and learn more how you can enhance your own budget as “Budgeting is POWER!”

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