Moving Forward

My story of success – though always a work in progress – progresses as I write my first book to help others.  The cover was important, once I had the title – now I set the outline and begin to work on the innards to make it the most powerful and helpful document you will find to move to a new and improved place in your life.

The outline is –

Living Successfully Within One’s Means


This introduces book and tells about me, and my struggles, over the years.  How I changed and want to help others do the same to improve there lives.

Chapter One – The Words of Encouragement

Chapter Two –  Knowing Where You Are

Chapter Three –  Shooting for A Goal

Chapter Four – The Seven Baby Steps to Change

Chapter Five –  Expecting Setbacks

Chapter Six –  The Ah-ha of Accomplishment

Chapter Seven – Rinse & Repeat from A New Place – Never Look Back

Chapter Eight – Dreams Can Come True

Chapter Nine –  Looking and Living for the Future

Chapter Ten –  One’s Personal Checklist for Successful Living

Appendix – Forms & Documents for One’s Personal Use


It is my hope to have this book self-published and out by the end of this year as I move forward with this project the way I have my personal budget.  I will include the same documents and programs I used in the appendix.  You must realize however, we are all different and you need to customize the contents to fit your life to keep you moving forward for a successful outcome that you never get tired of working on to make better.


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