Life is Not Easy

As I set here waiting for a mechanic or a new temporary lease I  am reminded that “Life is not easy!”   Neither is it suppose to be, for turning the pages of my Bible nearby I see how we are reminded how Jesus was tempted and challenged in his life as well.  We walk the very same path that he did, as God needs us to prove our worthiness of a life yet to come after this one.

As we journey on we are faced with challenges and torments just as His son, Jesus, did many many years ago.  He was born to show us how to live, and show us how easy we can be challenged by the Devil and his imps.  Those challenges seem harder and harder as time passes, and yet we must have faith in the darkest of these challenges and pray, God hears us and will answer.

It is a lonely journey in which many factors touch our lives to guide us along, and then they go away leaving us with their wisdom and knowledge to carry on and move forward.  We should never look back, just keep moving on.  Those factors are anyone one or anything that has physically, emotionally or any other way connected with our lives.  They are our parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, the person in the car next to you waiting at the red light, everything – and yet, we walk alone seeking to follow the same path that Jesus walked and died at the end so that we may live.

One passage rings out when life seems hard for me, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions….”, this is God’s Home where He is calling me to follow his path.  Oh yes, I know I have been led astray more often than not by the Devil or one of his impowered imps, but it is God that eventually answers my prayers and helps me to recover and move on.   As I close my eyes, the vision of my Lord and Brother, Jesus, stands before me with open arms as I hear my name being called to welcome me home.  There with him is my mom, my dog Dixie, and everyone else who has moved on ahead greeting me as I enter the Heavenly Kingdom of God, and I smile to think to myself – ‘I made it!’

Are you facing challenges and situations that seem mountainous to get over?  God loves us all, and all you need to do is ask for forgiveness and seek the path that He has chosen for you to get back on – trusting God and putting him first in your life, will lead you to that Heavenly place where He resides and watches over us as a shepherd watches over his flock – we are his flock, even when we stray.  Yes, you are part of his flock, and He will find you when you stray – “Just Pray!”

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