The Truth About Debt

Debt preys on us all. Debt knows us well individually, and tempts us in ways that it knows will pull us in. We take the bite, and Debt smiles as he watches us enjoy something that we don’t own.  It takes a great inner strength to pull us away from the clutches of Debt.  This inner strength is our faith and love of one who created us, and who knows usalmost as well as the Debt that is pulling us away from Him.  There is nothing wrong with you or  I either, we all have fallen for that charming, colorful lure of power that Debt holds.  Yes, I believe now that Debt is the Devil working within us.

We cannot hide from Debt, and we shouldn’t- but we can be wise in ways that only God knows to deal and overcome this draw or magnet that Debt seems to have over us.  What amazes me is, we can have it all without

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Debt if we are patient and have faith, yet we are caught off-guard with the false promise Debt makes to us, “You can have it ALL right now! Just sign here!”  Sadly, this happens over and over in our lives, and pulls on the weaker side of our inner strength until it     breaks us down and we give in.

Many Boomers grew up in the Credit Era that began in the early 50s, before that they saved up for whatever they wanted and then bought it with cash.  Now we just pull out one of our many credit cards and put the item we want on credit without thinking that we do not own it yet as we walk out the door with our purchase.  We do not stop to realize how we were tricked into this sale – not only do we have to still pay to own it, but we must pay interest and fees on top of it.   Debt is way too easy, and the Devil is smiling as he holds this key of temptation in his pocket.  This key seems to be what our current world is facing time and time again, as he draws us in with his cunning, handsome and alluring charm.

BUT WAIT!!!  It is never too late at any age to take charge back of our lives.  We just have to stop and ask for help from the one who created us, and loves us so much.  Our focus must be to step away with a plan that brings us back to the good path that was intended. This new path is a journey to forever happiness and joy, which satisfies us to all ends and fills us up so that the Devil is knocked off-base into that bottomless pit of Hell with those he succeeds to lead with him.  The power of this journey of Life, and ability to stay on the right path, is all we need – that power is in prayer and talks with our Maker.   Only our Maker can save us, as He has that fulfilling and ominous Love for us that if we allow Him in to our thoughts and hearts can fulfill and satisfy all our needs and wants.  The truth is, Debt is nothing more than a ingenious tool of the Devil to lead you astray.  But there is still hope, as you will soon see.

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