Listening: Key to Success

Managing finances has been a key principle in my life since the big crumble in 2008.  At that time, my world seemed dark and ominous with debt collector’s calling it seemed like all hours of the day.  Eight words changed my life forever as it struck a chord and made me believe I had failed as a daughter in my expectations of my parents.  Those words were “I always felt you would be one to succeed!”

I began that night, and found a program I particularly liked called “You Need A Budget!” I sure did!  You still get fourteen days free trial to try, and I recommend you check it out for yourself – I like that it accesses and keeps your accounts up to date.  However, there is another program a little more simple to use you may like, that is EveryDollar, which is free to use as well.  The key to both is you give every dollar you earn a job to do, and that is important.

Personally, doing a paper budget for the next month before it gets here is important. The actual physical writing of every budget item and assigning a value to each item, helps you focus on balancing your income side to what you will owe next month.  The budget form I developed is one page and starts off with your current expenses – at the bottom are your debt management accounts owed.  Until recently I had Rent/Mortgage as #1, and was only tithing a small percent (actually 1%) – I never gave it a second thought, until listening to a sermon on being obedient to God from readings in Malachia.   All God asks of us is 10% of our earnings, and He promises to take care of us.  I have b een 9% short.

Well, I moved Tithing (10%) to the top of the sheet in the #1 spot under current expenses, and assigned 10% of my expected monthly income from retirement next month, then went down the list assigning other values.  In the process, I noticed instead of eight debts below I have only five (5).   Unbelievable, adding up the current and debt management totals for my grand total of expenses for next months budget and subtracting my anticipated retirement earnings I find all I need is about $200-250 additional income to break even.

I am appalled by this revelation on how a simple shift in my tithing and moving it to the top over all other bills makes it possible for me to still live in my budget.  But then, I dont need to know – it’s God working in my life.  You will find a link to the budget sheet I am using now below in hopes that you will find the same revelation in your life.  God bless you all!  Now I say to you, “God always knows YOU can succeed!”

Revised Paid Receipts/Budget Sheet


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