Cutting Credit One Step At A Time

You may or may not know I have been focused on my financial situation since 2008 when I was at my lowest, and yes I have cut up cards in the past.  Recently I signed up to learn more and follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Program.  Yes, I have completed Baby Step 1 to have $1,000 in a starter Emergency Fund.

Now into Baby Step 2, I am working on my Debt Snowball.  At the top of my currently active credit cards is one for Kohl’s in which they have given me a line of $300 in credit to use, but if I do I know I still need to pay it back.  This account has been paid in full since 2017 – well today I decided to cut it up and return it, telling them to please close it out.  Now this leaves a great Christmas list item if you want to give me something – a paid for gift card I dont have to worry about paying off ever again.


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