Do You Know Where You Are NOW?

Photo by Dariusz Grosa from Pexels

Money has always been a very silent subject that you don’t talk about. It is not really taught in schools, and many schools are getting away from the very basics that alot of us boomers were taught.  Suddenly credit cards came on the scene in our generation starting in the fifties, and the push in marketing turned society from save up for that new figamajig, then buy.  The introduction of credit cards got our generation thinking why wait until we have saved up when we can have it NOW!

This lead people to buying more with their newly acquired plastic when they wanted to, not when they had enough saved up to purchase it.  People bought stuff just to have it without thinking that they still didn’t own it – when you buy on plastic the credit card companies are leasing those things to you to enjoy now, but you have to them back with interest and fees to line their pockets with so they have cash to buy the same things outright.  The buyers today are truly slaves to the lenders as the Bible tells us.

One day you wake up to find you cannot pay all those you borrowed from back and they start hounding and harassing you for payment, you do not have.  Stress grows tenfold in your life. Suddenly you realize you are not in control anymore, your little plastic cards are.  Then you get afraid of what may be in store for you in the future, and you share with a close friend or  sibling getting them upset for you as well.  They go to a mutual friend (or family member) to share their concerns for you and that person comes back to you a short time later and tells you, “Hey of all the people I always thought you’d be the one most likely to succeed!” and continues on with some tips.

This happened to me when I was at my lowest point for the third time, each time lower than the one preceding.  This time I heard what they were saying, and this one line hit me hardest and has been the game-changer in my life.  I felt horrible hearing this, thinking had I disappointed this person I always respected and had helped me get my first piece of plastic?

That very night I took time to list every account or place where I kept money, and tallied up what I had in real cash, it was something like $30.00 if I recall right.  After which I wrote down every one I owed money to and the current amount due.  I checked my credit rating and it was 303 (POOR)!    As I sat their praying for guidance, I suddenly looked up and saw a document I had forgot about.  You see I had won  a $1,000 IRA with another bank several years back and just left it after all I was not close to 59.5.

I looked at the list of those I owed and one stood out – a $500 PayDay loan I had take out with exhorbitant interest every month.  I  went to the bank, knowing it meant I had to absorb the early withdrawal penalties and paid this off first.  I will never resort to this type loan again knowing all the interest I lined their pockets with.  I had a little left over to bring a couple cards current (not paid off though), and one card with a balance of $25.oo outstanding I paid off and sent it into the company with a letter asking them to close that account as I had cut up and was sending the pieces of their plastic back.

We are all tempted to get off onto the wrong path at times, and it takes faith and others to point us back to find the way back.  So I ask, “Do you know where you are NOW?”  There are many roads in life, it is easy to get off onto the wrong path into the State of Lost.  Let me help you find your way back.


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