Idea to Spark Budget Awareness

Finance and money have always been the least talked about subject for many previous generations, so it is no wonder that when credit cards came out in full visage – we all wanted one.  Myself included.  Now looking back and shaking my head, I cant help but think “WHY?”   That one visa card I got at Rockland Trust back in 1975 with the help of my stepdad led me down a path of foolish spending.  <Sigh>  Well, it is no one’s fault but my own, everyone had a card and I wanted one too and asked him, “How does one get a credit rating?”

Now, looking back through not one – but THREE – yes, I said, “THREE!!!” points in my life when I was at my lowest and thinking each time, I will overcome this and not turn back. Well, as a wise bank manager once said, after you apply for your first consolidation loan, “You will be back!”, I would return to that low state two more times.  Each time though, I was lower than the first.  Experience is great, but gee – not this kind of experience.

If I were to go back, I would tell myself ask “How do I get on a successful budget routine?” insteads of wanting that foolish card.  If you have been this route, you understand – and perhaps never thought any of your dreams would ever follow through to fruition.  Well, I just want to share a youtube video by Andriana Diaz called “My Budget Book”.  I feel this is a good place to start you on getting back on track.

Hope this got you thinking about your finances, and if you are near or in retirement – I want to help you realize it is never to late to get on track with a budget or even get back on track from some foolish actions like me.


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