Welcome Folks!

This site is geared for individuals who are in the Boomer Generation (55+), but hopefully can touch those in other generations as well to help them live better and within their limitations.  It is my own Boomer Generation that was introduced to credit cards as a way to “have it now” , rather than save to purchase later.  If you are like me, this is where your struggles and problems began.  Well, I also learned that those problems merely meant I was lost, and after three failures and hitting the lowest point in 2008 I finally found the way our of the jungle and back on the road to freedom – but it would not be easy.   It never is!  It all comes down to one thing – BUDGETING.  You may be older, but honestly one is never too old to start budgeting back to financial freedom. So, come on in and join me on the journey.


Let’s Walk the Road to Better Finances Together!